“Sleep is the Best Meditation” Dalai Lama


What do we do when we sleep? Our brain regenerate itself and our physical body as well, it’s the reason why we wake up full of Energy after a sound sleep. When you were a kid do you remember asking your brother or sister: “Are you sleeping?” I remember answering: “Yes” to my brother’s question!…

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Keep Your Brain Alert by Focusing on the Details

shocked young woman looking through a magnifying glass

In our Free eBook on 10 Exercises you can do at home to keep your brain alert and active, the first exercise we mention is to focus on the minute details. Most of us see objects every day but don’t ever notice the details because we are too busy and we are missing a great…

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What is Neuroptimal Brain Training?

IO - Brain Pic

As you grow older, your brain doesn’t have to. It’s been proven that using brain training techniques to keep your brain focused, alert and sharp, you can keep your brain as young and alert as ever. Benefits You Will Gain with the InnerOptimal Program: Get more out of your career Improve your sports performance Achieve…

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How Neuroptimal Brain Training Helps with Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Alleviate tension, anxiety, stress, learning disorders, and depression. And improves the family dynamic. Hear Jill’s story about how brain training helped her with her situation so much that she also got Neuroptimal for her family.

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How NeurOptimal Keeps Your Brain Young!


There have been amazing advances in Neuropathy brain training in the past ten years. Let’s face it, meeting someone you know for years and not remembering their name immediately is pretty embarrassing! The real sad part is it happens to millions of seniors every day. As they grow older, not only does their body slow…

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