Finding happiness after depression


Did you know that over 15% of the population feels depressed?* Symptoms of depression can be as dramatic as a panic attack or a feeling of being chronically overwhelmed. Depression does not begin without any reason. It can start because you feel unhappy in your job or in a relationship, or because of living or working…

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What is Neuroptimal Brain Training?

IO - Brain Pic

As you grow older, your brain doesn’t have to. It’s been proven that using brain training techniques to keep your brain focused, alert and sharp, you can keep your brain as young and alert as ever. Benefits You Will Gain with the InnerOptimal Program: Get more out of your career Improve your sports performance Achieve…

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How managing stress can reduce heart disease


At some point in life we have experienced emotional difficulties. When serious and stressful these difficulties can lead to more serious conditions. Our client, Mike came to InnerOptimal because he was going through a hard time. Recently retired, he was in the middle of a divorce and trying to sell his house when he had…

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Spring Renewal


With Spring, life is regaining enthusiasm and new growth. A new cycle begins. We see the return of the multicolor flowers, new leaves bursting from the trees, and the joyful sounds and work of birds and insects. Spring renews our life energy and growth and makes our gardens and activities flourish. This renewal of energy…

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Happy LOVE month to you all!!!


Do you think that kindness and love can help us go through the biggest “storms” of our lives? At InnerOptimal, we do. As the storm grows, and we feel so much stress, it is wise to take a moment to remind ourselves that healthy habits help the situation immensely. Eating healthy food, practicing physical exercises…

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Happy New Year from your InnerOptimal team!


We hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve with friends, family and everyone else you care about most, celebrating your accomplishments, no matter how big or how small! However, we also would like to remind you that now is a great time to step away and do some reflection… Not just on your accomplishments in 2016,…

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How do you handle the stress of the holiday season?


Holidays can be stressful for a lot of us. Who has not struggled between holiday gift preparation, receiving and accommodating family members or friends, and taking care of the children while school is off? Rather than enjoying the season of fun with family and friends, often we have a long list of duties, and stress…

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How do you cope with anger?


Expressing ourselves calmly and peacefully is not always easy. Mixed feelings and inability to manage emotions can cause some people to express themselves with anger and distress. How we manage anger can strongly affect relationships at work, and with family and friends. Paula* was often angry with her husband because she felt guilty about expressing…

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Thank you for celebrating our 10-year anniversary!!

grand opening 2016 - table

Thank you for celebrating our 10-year anniversary. You were about 100 people for this great evening! We cannot thank you enough for supporting our business. It was an amazing event with all of you!   We would like to give a special thanks to our guest of Honor Denise Mueller from ProjectSpeed. We had the…

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How do your children handle social and academic pressure?

social pressure

I don’t know you but I always feel that September is this crazy month of the year filled with lots of appointments, and duties, for us and for our children. It’s only been a few weeks and we have already forgotten that Summer was just a month ago! Back to school season can be very stressful…

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Grand Opening on Oct 6th RSVP here


Thursday October 6th 6pm – 8:30pm Free sessions to win Great networking Wine, cheese and fun Come tour our brain training center and network with other community members, while enjoying  tasty hors d’oeuvres, with wine and cheese. Please RSVP here Join us and meet Denise Mueller, who on September 12, 2016 set a first ever Women’s…

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