Feeling anxious? How to recognize anxiety?

Anxiety is difficult to become aware of, especially as the symptoms can build up over time. It can occur after a sudden event in our life or because of increased stress over a long period of time. One day, Mandy, an active woman, lost her job. You could say that can happen to everyone, every…

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ADD & the Female Brain – The Answers (And 5 exercises for YOU to improve focus!)

Do you struggle with ADD?   Eve, a 9 year old girl didn’t like reading and was unhappy at school. She couldn’t sit still at her desk listening to the teacher, as her mind was wandering a hundred miles away, dreaming she was somewhere else playing with other kids. She was very bright but was not…

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What is Neuroptimal Brain Training?

IO - Brain Pic

As you grow older, your brain doesn’t have to. It’s been proven that using brain training techniques to keep your brain focused, alert and sharp, you can keep your brain as young and alert as ever. Benefits You Will Gain with the InnerOptimal Program: Get more out of your career Improve your sports performance Achieve…

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How Neuroptimal Brain Training Helps with Stress, Anxiety and Depression


Alleviate tension, anxiety, stress, learning disorders, and depression. And improves the family dynamic. Hear Jill’s story about how brain training helped her with her situation so much that she also got Neuroptimal for her family.  

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How NeurOptimal Keeps Your Brain Young!


There have been amazing advances in Neuropathy brain training in the past ten years. Let’s face it, meeting someone you know for years and not remembering their name immediately is pretty embarrassing! The real sad part is it happens to millions of seniors every day. As they grow older, not only does their body slow…

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Keep Your Brain Alert by Focusing on the Details

shocked young woman looking through a magnifying glass

In our Free eBook on 10 Exercises you can do at home to keep your brain alert and active, the first exercise we mention is to focus on the minute details. Most of us see objects every day but don’t ever notice the details because we are too busy and we are missing a great…

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5 Tips To Reversing The Strain Of Stress

We all know the negative effects stress can have on people from headaches to heart attacks. When you are under stress the “fight-or-flight” response of your brain is activated. The antithesis of this fight-or-flight response is the relaxation response, which is the body’s way of calming itself down. Here are five practical ways to reverse…

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How to Eliminate Stress & Anxiety once and for all…

Stress leads to Anxiety and chronic Anxiety leads to more serious problems Learn to handle and eliminate stress once and for all  Focusing on all the great things you have and all the opportunities in front of you  will accelerate and motivate you to achieve more every day.  Is your glass half full or half empty?                               Have you ever experienced?  ●Being sick and focusing your thoughts on how sad or upset you are for being sick?  Focusing on how miserable you feel doesn’t make you any better – in fact it makes  you feel worse!    ●Having problems communicating with your spouse? And focusing on this difficulty  and everything that hurts you? In such a case how do you want the situation to  improve?  ●Do you have money problems and are you always focusing on “I never have enough  to pay the bills or buy what I want to buy for myself or the ones I love”. And what  are you saying to your subconscious mind? I can never have enough…    Thinking about all you want to achieve and cannot do because you are focusing on all the  negative things you perceive to be in your life becomes energy consuming.   Today’s most advanced science has found out how our thoughts affect our health and life in  general…. and how we can use the power of our brain to rebuild our health, our life and  expand to more success, love and happiness!  I like to check myself and regularly do this simple exercise. Ask you the question “What if”  and notice what’s come up first?   Thoughts come first in everything… action follows, but you will never have the right action  if you don’t watch, become aware and change your unwanted thoughts.  As well, limiting comments are like seeds you fertilize with your thoughts and  conversations. Focus on what you really want to see happening.    As you know the power of your brain is far superior to that of any computer. You can  re-format a computer and with us you are in the process to redesign your brain! We love to  help you keep your brain at its optimal functioning.  If you want help, call us today, with Our Quantum Potential Measurement tool (Unique in  the US) we’ll help you to EASILY    ●Identify the different type of stressors in your life  ●the way stress expresses itself in your life and your body   ●And more importantly what to apply in your life to get over and feel “in the flow” and  great! They are so many things out there that often we wonder what would be the  best for me now!   We can quickly and easily help you answer this question. Call us now 760.633.3328!  Shift your consciousness into greatness  ●Learn to focus your energy on the positive   ●Develop conversations about your great life …

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Be Happy & Sleep Well!


” We are such stuff as dreams are made of; and our little life is rounded with sleep.” William Shakespeare   Have you meditated on this last quote we gave you? Some philosophers believe our day starts by sleep. While our physical body is at rest, our energetic bodies that science is discovering and measuring…

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What can you improve in your bedroom to help you sleep better?

Morpheus Greek God

Today I’d like you to think about what can be improved in your bedroom to help you sleep better and awaken refreshed! Look at your bedroom, What is the dominant color in it? Is it a calming color such as light blue, egg-shell color, or a more energetic color with lots of red? Calming colors will…

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